ABEL EM – Corrugated Cardboard

The application

An important component in manufacturing corrugated cardboard is the glue that is used. Our customer uses glue that Electric diaphragm pumps made by ABEL are used to transport the glue at a temperature of 35 – 40°C to and from the flute lamination machine as well as for continuous circulation. These pumps are electrically driven, dual effective diaphragm pumps with mechanical membrane deflection. Unlike the previously used compressed air diaphragm pumps, they generate

considerably less noise; the irritating ventilating noise when the control valve is triggered does not occur. In addition, the energy balance is impressive.

The solution

The ABEL EM pumps offer high efficiency and consume far less energy than pumps operated with compressed air. Cost savings are especially significant during continuous operation. Energy conservation was one of the main reasons our customer selected these pumps. All installed pumps are frequency-regulated. Being true positive displacement pumps, EM pumps are very tolerant of changing degrees of viscosity of the pumped glue and therefore can deliver constant and consistent flow independent of counterpressure. The first ABEL EM pump was delivered and commissioned in the summer of 2011. Since then, another 7 identical EM pumps have been added. All of the glue pumps in the corrugated cardboard factory have been completely switched from compressed air drive to electric drive. The EM pumps provide reliability, efficiency and low operating costs to our customer. That’s the ABEL difference.

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