ABEL EM – Pumping pic manure on a biogas plant

The application

The ABEL EM-040 pump is used to pump pig slurry under very difficult conditions at a pig breeding plant. The average population of 2,000 pigs generates a considerable amount of slurry. When transporting slurry as a medium, it is important that coarser particles such as pig bristle and claws are moved by the pump without causing problems. Pumping of such complex media is a specialty of ABEL pumps.

With the help of a biogas plant, the energy in the slurry is used to generate electricity. This biogas is then supplied to a combustion motor, which in turn drives a generator that generates electricity.

The solution

Compared with other pump systems such as eccentric screw pumps or rotary lobe pumps, the major advantage of the EM diaphragm pump is that there are no expensive dynamic seals, rotors or stators to replace. The diaphragms hermetically seal slurry from reaching the internal components of the EM, limiting abrasive wear to the relatively inexpensive elastomer components only.

To minimize pulsation in the pressure line, the pump is equipped with a pulsation dampener. By use of a compressed air connection on the dampener, a sufficient dampening effect is built up in the form of an air cushion.

Morevoer, the membranes are secured with an electrical break monitoring system. In the rare event that a membrane breaks, it is immediately detected by the system and stops the pump. This reliably prevents any consequential damage caused by medium penetrating into the drive area.

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