ABEL HMQ – Spray Dryer Feed

The company

Our customer is specialized in the production and marketing of cleaning products. It offers a wide product range: plain soap, detergents, softeners, dishwasher detergents, floor cleaners, bleaches and ammoniac.

The application

Atomizers, or spray dryers, are used to transform a liquid solution, or, in the case of detergents, a slurry into fine drops by spraying the product towards a hot air draught. When the fine droplets meet the hot air, the water or solvent is evaporated transforming them into powder or granules. The spray drying process is used in a broad range of industries and processes; for example, in the production of ceramics, polymers, colorants, pre-cooked meals, detergents, chemical products, etc.

Having heard of the success of other ABEL pump users who work with zeolite as well and who experienced increases in their production efficiency, ABEL has been contacted to discuss and weigh the technical advantages of piston diaphragm technology versus the piston pumps used in their production at that time.

The solution

One single piston-diaphragm pump has been purchased as a replacement for its two piston pumps (operation and stand by). The ABEL duplex, double-acting, piston diaphragm pump model HMQ handles a product flow rate of 12 m3/h with 70% solid content and ensures a discharge pressure of 75 bar at temperatures ranging up to 100°C.

After the first year of operation of the new piston-diaphragm pump, our customer decided to purchase a second, opting to remove the old piston pumps without keeping any stand-by pumps. This decision was made based on the trust that the ABEL pump technology had earned by eliminating unforeseen downtime. The maintenance manager of the production site affirmed: “The equipment is highly reliable and requires extremely simple maintenance only. Moreover, it has a low energy consumption”.

Another feature of the ABEL piston-diaphragm technology that lead to the company’s decision is the versatility of the pump to adapt to changing production processes; i.e. operating conditions (flow rate, pressure) as well as the characteristics of the product (density, solid content, viscosity, temperature) can be changed in accordance with the different formulas of single detergents produced by the company.

The success of ABEL for feeding spray dryers lies in the ability of the pumps to maintain a constant pressure and flow rate, as well as the ability to adjust very rapidly to changing parameters to reduce or eliminate product scrap at the beginning of each production batch. These pumps have been working continuously since their commissioning and ABEL is proud to provide reliable equipment that ensures continuous operation with low operating costs. ABEL has delivered a very satisfactory solution, far beyond customer expectations.

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