ABEL SH – Solids Handling pumps transfer dewatered sludge

Four ABEL Solids Handling (SH) pumps transfer dewatered sludge up to 600 meter to a cement plant in China.

The application

Transfer of dewatered sludge from reception silos up to 600 meters to feed a rotary kiln at a cement plant. The Sludge Pumping Station receives dewatered municipal sludge collected from various sewage plants. The solid concentration is between 19-26 % and the design flow of each SH pump is 10 m3/h at 10 MPa. To ensure a continuous production the pumping station has three pumps working and one as stand-by. The whole system is designed to run automatically with a daily production capacity of up to 300 tons.

The ABEL solution

For a 600 m long pipeline the choice of using piston pumps was logical as it offers many advantages over other conveying technologies. Piston pumps allow sludge transport through a closed pipeline which avoids the risk of environmental pollution and odour nuisances. A pipeline can easily be routed to accommodate changes in vertical and horizontal directions. That is a great advantage which is much cheaper than the use of other mechanical conveying systems. Finally, a piston pump can easily handle sludge with varying water content and viscosity.A low viscosity and high water content can cause severe problems for mechanical conveyors, especially when vertical heights must be overcome.

ABEL SH piston pumps for dewatered sludge are manufactured with hydraulically driven cone valves. The cone valve design used by ABEL provides superior advantages at high discharge pressures. It is short circuit free, which means that there is never a temporary connection between the discharge and suction side which can cause high backflow and heavy pressure peaks back to the pumping chamber. That means better overall pump efficiency and operation.

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