ABEL SH – transfering dewatered sludge at a Sewage Treatment Plant in China

The application

The transfer of dewatered centrifuge cake (solids concentration 20-25%) comes along a 300 m pipeline to barges.

The first phase of this sewage plant treats 400 000 tons/day of sludge. During the design of this new plant, it was decided by the local Design Institute to use piston pumps to transfer the dewatered centrifuge cake to barges at the quay. For a 300 m long pipeline, the choice of piston pumps was easy as it offers many advantages over other conveying technologies.

The solution

The design institute and end user decided to use ABEL SH pumps due to their high performance in many installa­tions for similar applications around the world. The tech­nical advantages over other hydraulically driven piston pumps was also a deciding factor. The plant was commissioned at the end of 2005 and the ABEL SH pumps have continued to perform well, require­ment of spare parts is low and downtime is minimal.

The ABEL supply scope mainly consists of SH pump, dou­ble screw feeder, hydraulic power pack, control and power cabinets and slip injection system. The sludge is stored in 2 silos and the discharge screw of silo feeds the double screw feeder of the ABEL pump. The control cabinet and its PLC controls the hydraulic power pack, the SH pump, the screw feeder, the silo sliding frame and the gate val­ve (installed between silo and screw feeder). Control of the pump is also possible with an operator panel installed near the SH pumps. The PLC software is programmed in-house and according to the system requirements. The ABEL slip injection system consists of the dosing pumps (triplex plunger type) and 3 slip injection rings ins­talled along the pipeline. The function of this system is to lubricate the piping with a thin film of water to reduce the friction losses and thus reducing the required discharge pressure and power consumption.

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