ABEL CM – Membrane filter press feed

Background information

On the plant there is a new, recently built, disposal plant for mineral and, in part, for organic drilling slurry: The drilling slurry with a solid content of 15-20% is brought to the plant in tank trucks from which it is pumped through a screening system (ensuring the separation of sand and stones) into 8 storage basins equipped with agitators.

The application

In a 24/7 operation, 2 membrane filter presses are fed with 4 ABEL compact diaphragm pumps type CM-G-C262 (each pump delivers a flow rate of 10 m³/h). The pumps are in charge of filling the filter presses with abrasive slurries quickly and reliably/constantly. When the pressure of approx. 8-9 bar is reached, the membrane filter presses take over and continue the dewatering of the slurries until the pressure of approx. 13 bar is reached.

The result

The filling time and the pressing time take approx. 1 hour each. Consequently, after 2 hours the filter cake has reached a solid content of up to 80% and can be dumped into the container standing below the filter press. The weight of the filter cake amounts to approx. 2.7 t per batch. The use of ABEL CM pumps has quickly shown that the overall energy consumption of the plant was very low. According to our customer, 20,000 tons slurry have been treated in 2020 with a power consumption of 22,000 kWh, this translates into a unit electricity consumption of 1.1 kWh/ton only.

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