Our Values

Made in Germany – Sustainable for the whole World

Manufacturing companies bear a great responsibility towards society and the environment. Likewise, we, as ABEL Group try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We pay attention to high-quality products with a continuously improved production process. This idea of sustainability is firmly anchored in our company and starts with each individual employee in their daily work. We also want to pass on these values to our customers through our products because together we can make a difference and we are ABEL to do it.


Global demand for minerals and metals continues to rise but at the same time governments are increasingly implementing strict regulations.

Due to mining activities, the environment in particular is being subjected to ever greater strain and mining owners are faced with many challenges. There is an urgent need of less power consumption, water usage, downtime, and risk reduction along with efficiency improvements.

The key to an environmentally friendly extraction of minerals and metals is customized and innovative technology. We would like to use our strength of resource saving products mixed with smart IoT in order to make the mining process greener.

Thanks to the innovative and efficient technology of the piston diaphragm pump, ABEL pumps help to use less energy and water with a higher overall efficiency in any mining application. Together with the Smart Pump Assistant, the pump is monitored and detects possible pump malfunctions, thus preventing downtime and stoppages.

We are aware that mine owners bear a great responsibility and face many challenges. We work with mine operators and with our customized services, we can jointly design a more efficient and sustainable mining process.

Green Production in Büchen, Germany

Responsible and conscious use of resources is becoming increasingly important, which is why we keep on investing in sustainable technologies to make our production site in Büchen, Germany even greener. In addition to the already completed new energy efficient heating system and energy saving LED lightning in the production area, photovoltaic solar systems and an e-fleet are planned for the headquarter in Büchen. Also, in the spirit of sustainability, we have decided to demonstrably source 100% of all our electricity from renewable energy sources in the future.

Powerful Products

Especially due to the drastic upsurge of costs, increasing efficiency and the use of sustainable and resource-saving systems are becoming more and more important. For pump operators, this does not immediately mean doing without, but rather rethinking efficient and innovative technologies.

Thanks to our innovative technology of the ABEL electric diaphragm pump with an energy efficiency of up to 90%, for example, this pump requires up to five times less energy than air-operated diaphragm pumps.

In some pumping applications, it may be necessary to add water to the product so that it can be pumped. ABEL piston diaphragm pumps can help to save water in these applications, as they are able to convey sludges with up to 75% solids content and thus no or less water needs to be added.

The ABEL technology has proven itself, yet we work daily to make our products even more solution-oriented. In our R&D department, innovation and development are top priorities. This is one reason why some of our pumps have been reliably in use for our customers for over 30 years.

Another benefit is the long service life of spare parts and a wide range of services. With our intelligent monitoring system, the “Smart Pump Assistant” innovative data analysis tool, the operating data of the pumps are monitored and processed in real time. In addition to monitoring the health of machine components, the insights gained also enable the derivation of recommended actions for optimal pump operation.

Overall, this results in a long-lasting and sustainable life cycle of an ABEL pump.

To sum it up in our customer’s words:

“The ABEL pumps have allowed me to increase the productivity dramatically and to transfer more slurry, because – compared with the prior technology – I can manage more filtration cycles in the same time. Also, it doesn’t matter any longer what kind of slurry I transfer – the ABEL pump will get the job done!” Maxime Jolly, Industrial Director

Social Commitment

Furthermore, we are aware of the responsibility we bear towards society. That is why we support several local projects with donations every year. These include education, sports, and also voluntary associations such as the food banks, nature protection and firefighters. We want to actively contribute to our region and therefore like to participate in different projects, such as local planting campaigns.

As a part of IDEX Corporation we can proudly make a contribution worldwide through the IDEX foundation.