Service and Support

More than maintenance

To ensure that your pump consistently delivers high performance and maintains its reliability over long periods, professional maintenance is essential. In addition to the technical maintenance components, our service packages “SelfService and TechService” also include our intelligent pump monitoring – the Smart Pump Assistant.

SelfService: You enjoy maximum flexibility and carry out maintenances and repairs by yourself. We support you in determining time and scope of maintenances/repairs.

TechService: With this package you receive maximum ABEL-Support. Our service technicians are on site and maintain the pump to achieve its optimum performance. You also benefit from our fixed price guarantee.

Smart Pump Assistant: ABEL’s “Smart Pump Assistant” is an innovative, intelligent monitoring tool and much more. It allows you to monitor several pump parameters and see the pump health status at a glance – via app or browser. You are also notified 24/7 in a fully automated manner if errors/failures occur on the pump. For piston diaphragm pumps that are already in operation, the Smart Pump Assistant can be easily retrofitted.

Overview SelfService and TechService

  • Smart Pump Assistant

  • Monthly Performance Reports

  • Maintenance Planner

  • Telephone Maintenance Instructions

  • Emergency Assistance by Telephone

  • Staff Training

  • Maintenance Box on Loan

  • Prioritized Appointment Allocation

  • Advice on Spare Parts Stocking

  • Technician Visit*

  • Reduced Hourly Rates

  • Up to 5 Years fixed Price Guarantee*
  • Up to 2 Years Warranty Extension

*only included with TechService

General Services

Your satisfaction is important to us. So, we also care about your pump. As an ABEL customer, you can count on the following services.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

Telephone Support

Maintenance and Repairs

Service Technician on demand

High-quality Spare Parts

Smart Pump Assistant – our intelligent pump monitoring

Contact us.