Safe pumping of dangerous products

Supplying rotary furnaces (rotary kilns) with chemically complex substitute and alternative fuels places high demands on the explosion protection of the feed pumps. ABEL pumps from the EM, CM and HM series are well suited for these applications, because they are hermetically sealed and are available in an explosion-proof design (ATEX).

That is why leading cement manufacturers in many plants prefer to use ABEL pumps for this challenging pump task. Since thermal processing of waste oil, grease, acid, and lacquer residue can be risky, they would rather rely on our experience when they have to use feed pumps for such applications.

When used for feeding filter presses, ABEL pumps in the HM series enjoy an excellent reputation among the leading cement plant operators, thanks to their reliability and cost-effectiveness.


  • Filter Press Feed
  • Filter Cloth Cleaning
  • Rotary Kiln Feed

ABEL Benefits

Individual Pump Configuration

Our pumps are tailored to the customers needs. We offer different accessories and material combinations for different applications and fluids.


Our pumps can pump at high pressures without a problem and are ideal for highly abrasive media. Their robust construction makes them perfect for 24/7 operation.

Safe Pump Operation

ABEL pumps can inherently run dry and in general they are slow-stroking during standard operation.

Smart Pump Assistant

Our monitoring tool allows you to monitor your pump’s operating data permanently. It helps to prevent unscheduled repairs service and can help to optimize the pumps performance.

Energy Efficient Pumps

Our pumps are money saving due to the lower energy consumption.

Comprehensive Service and Technical Support

From sales to commissioning and ongoing pump maintenance – we support our customers anytime and our technicians are trained for any pump problem.

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