Water and Wastewater

We can handle both

Whether for feeding filter presses, digestors and thickeners at municipal sewage treatment plants or for raw sewage transfer in pumping stations reliability is the key word in all of these typical pump applications. In addition, these pumps must be safe to run dry and remain free of blockages. With our series EM, CM and HM diaphragm pumps, ABEL is the diaphragm pump specialist that meets these requirements and is known worldwide for reliability and performance.

Diaphragm pumps are the perfect solution for transporting digested sludge, floating sludge, raw sludge or mixed sludge. The closed design prevents odor from escaping, allows for high pressure, and is known for durability.


  • Sewage Transfer
  • Filter Press Feed
  • Filter Cloth Cleaning
  • Filter Cake Transfer
  • Sludge Transfer
  • Lime Milk Dosing
  • Ferric Chloride Dosing
  • Polymer Dosing
  • Autoclave Feed

ABEL Benefits

Individual Pump Configuration

Our pumps are tailored to the customers needs. We offer different accessories and material combinations for different applications and fluids.


Our pumps can pump at high pressures without a problem and are ideal for highly abrasive media. Their robust construction makes them perfect for 24/7 operation.

Safe Pump Operation

ABEL pumps can inherently run dry and in general they are slow-stroking during standard operation.

Smart Pump Assistant

Our monitoring tool allows you to monitor your pump’s operating data permanently. It helps to prevent unscheduled repairs service and can help to optimize the pumps performance.

Energy Efficient Pumps

Our pumps are money saving due to the lower energy consumption.

Comprehensive Service and Technical Support

From sales to commissioning and ongoing pump maintenance – we support our customers anytime and our technicians are trained for any pump problem.

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