Electric Diaphragm Pump

Energy-efficient pump for low-pressure applications

EODD pump series

The electric diaphragm pump, called ABEL EM, is an advantageous alternative to conventional pump technology for many applications in the low-pressure applications and suitable for numerous process and transport applications and industries. It is an electric double diaphragm pump (EODD) with very high energy efficiency and does not require expensive compressed air. The EODD pump series is an excellent alternative to conventional pumps in the range up to 0.8 MPa, as it is considerably smaller and less expensive.

The ABEL EM series is available in four different material designs: nodular cast iron (SG), stainless steel (ED) or polypropylene (PP). Using suitable, durable materials for diaphragms, valve seats and balls will give you the best possible combination of materials for your application.

Constant flow rate and variable control option

The mechanically controlled linear drive of the diaphragms ensures positive displacement performance with controlled transfer rates through variable viscosity and system pressure changes. Variable flow control is realized through a variable frequency drive (VFD).

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Flow: 40 m³/h (175 GPM)
  • Max. Pressure: 0.6 MPa (90 psi), for filter press feed up to 0.8 MPa (115 psi)
  • ATEX design available


  • Sludge/Fluid Transfer
  • Filter Press Feed
  • Rotary Kiln Feed

Advantages of the Electric Diaphragm Pumps

  • Simple operation and maintenance

  • ATEX design available

  • Low operating costs

  • High energy efficiency

  • Able to run dry

  • Suitable for many applications thanks to variable materials

Where are electric diaphragm pumps used?

ABEL pumps transport difficult goods gently and safely. They are suitable for aggressive, abrasive and highly flammable liquids as well as for media with high viscosity – e.g. sludges, slurries, chemicals, waste water and suspensions. The transport of fluidizable powders is also possible with EODD pumps.

Electric diaphragm pumps are used in numerous industries, e.g. in the chemical industry, ceramics, corrugated board and paper production, paint and varnish industry and waste water industry.

Pumping Primary Sludge with EODD Pumps at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Our customer, a wastewater treatment plant in Colorado, USA, pumps primary sludge 18 miles (approx. 29 km) to a neighboring wastewater treatment plant for further treatment.

Process Optimization with EODD Pumps

Several rotary lobe pumps were replaced with electrically driven ABEL diaphragm pumps for primary sludge pumping. This resulted in longer maintenance intervals and more efficient operation. Subsequently, more rotary lobe pumps were replaced with EM pumps, which significantly improved maintenance.

Efficient and reliable Process Pumps

ABEL’s EM series pumps are the most efficient of any positive displacement design. The pumps can be run dry indefinitely. There are no tight places that slurry encounters in its path through the pump. Therefore, the ABEL EM pumps are less subject to abrasive wear than any competing positive displacement design.

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