Corrugated Media

A sticky business

Today, corrugated packaging is seen everywhere. Corrugated media is light and at the same time stable. Its secret is the corrugations that lend the product very high stability. At the same time, the air-filled chambers created by the corrugations ensure its unique cushioning function. It is both appealing to the eye and structural.
The cardboard is produced by combining different layers of paper by means of starch that binds the board together. Fluted sheets and flat liner boards are glued to each other in several layers, so that the final result is a single, dual, or triple wall corrugated cardboard. The core manufacturing piece is the corrugator. This very long machine consists of several individual units which are separately and independently controlled. Thus there are many flute profiles as well. Inside, the individual layers of paper are heated, moistened, laminated and then dried. Afterwards the desired format is cut to size.

ABEL deliver a reliable and energy efficient electromechanical diaphragm pump for an 24/7 operating process. Due to the excellent performance, energy costs can be reduced significantly. Another feature of the EM is the nil-flow control which automatically allows to stop the pump under pressure and therefore increase process safety.


  • Starch and Glue Transfer

ABEL Benefits

Individual Pump Configuration

Our pumps are tailored to the customers needs. We offer different accessories and material combinations for different applications and fluids.


Our pumps can pump at high pressures without a problem and are ideal for highly abrasive media. Their robust construction makes them perfect for 24/7 operation.

Safe Pump Operation

ABEL pumps can inherently run dry and in general they are slow-stroking during standard operation.

Smart Pump Assistant

Our monitoring tool allows you to monitor your pump’s operating data permanently. It helps to prevent unscheduled repairs service and can help to optimize the pumps performance.

Energy Efficient Pumps

Our pumps are money saving due to the lower energy consumption.

Comprehensive Service and Technical Support

From sales to commissioning and ongoing pump maintenance – we support our customers anytime and our technicians are trained for any pump problem.

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