Hochdruckpumpen von ABEL

High Pressure Pump

HP and HPT Series – Filter Cloth Cleaning and more

The high-pressure pump has been an integral part of the ABEL pump portfolio for decades. ABEL high-pressure pumps are single-acting triplex high-pressure pumps.

The HP series provides our customers with a plunger pump that has proven itself thousands of times worldwide, especially for filter cloth cleaning in chamber and membrane filter presses.

In process technology, ABEL HPT high pressure plunger pumps show a technological edge when used rigorously over a longer period of time. And that applies for quite varied media, such as salt water and salt solutions, acids, margarine, chemicals, and even slightly contaminated fluids. The bellow-type seal of the ABEL HPT pump reliably protects the gear against contamination by dirt.

Technical Specifications

Pump Type HP

  • Max. Flow: 28 m³/h (123 GPM)
  • Max. Pressure: 16.0 MPa (2300 psi)

Pump Type HPT

  • Max. Flow: 50 m³/h (220 GPM)
  • Max. Pressure: 25.0 MPa (3625 psi)


  • Filter Cloth Washing
  • Gland Seal Water
  • Gas drying
  • Well injection
  • Tank cleaning
  • Reverse osmosis

Advantages of ABEL High Pressure Pumps

  • Control valve for fine tuning of the required spray-off pressure

  • Space-saving version with top mounted motor available

  • Extensive accessories

  • Pump plunger available in various materials

Special advantages with regard to the filter press process:

  • Optimum rating of pump type to filter press size

  • 3/2-way valve as bypass control, specially for filter cloth cleaning

More Information on High Pressure Pumps

In many systems, the ABEL high-pressure pump is used for filter cloth cleaning. In short, a filter press separates liquid and solid components from sludge. The filter press consists of several filter plates covered with cloths. Depending on the sludge and the filter cloth used, the cloths must be cleaned at regular intervals in order to maintain the dewatering performance of the press. High-pressure pumps are used in the cleaning process.

High-pressure pumps are also used in the oil and gas industry whenever high fluid pressure is required. For example, in gas drying with ethylene glycol or oil production by deep well injection. You can find out more about pump use in the oil and gas industry here.

Other applications for the triplex pump include tank cleaning, feeding reactors and reverse osmosis systems in the chemical industry and desalination plants.

Flushing water supply for centrifugal pumps: To ensure the mechanical sealing of a centrifugal pump, it may be necessary to clean and cool it regularly with flushing water. A precise quantity of water is required in the centrifugal pump for this purpose. The HPT high-pressure pump has proven to be particularly reliable for this application. The HPT can manage the water supply to the centrifugal pump with great precision and adjust it as required, because the speed of the motor and consequently the pump strokes can be changed via a frequency converter (VFD).

Designed to meet the requirements of the media being pumped, various materials are used, such as high-quality stainless steel. Different types of valves are also used, such as cone, spherical cone, and ball valves. The plunger seal, which is adapted to meet the requirements of the application and pumping media, is made using V-rings or stuffing boxes with flushed or lubricated versions available if required. The plungers are available in stainless steel, hardened, cushioned, chromium oxide-coated or solid ceramic.

As a mobile unit in turnkey containers, HPT high-pressure pumps offer a wide range of possible applications wherever mobility is a priority due to changing locations.

Depending on the application and customer requirements, optional accessories are available for a plunger pump:

  • Discharge side safety valve
  • Pulsation dampener
  • Suction/discharge side pressure gauges
  • Shock-absorbing installation
  • Sound control cabins and many others

For customers working in the chemical and petrochemical industries, for example, our high-pressure pumps are also available with ATEX.

The pumps are primarily triplex pumps whose plungers run with a 120° crank offset which, together with a pre-charged membrane type pulsation damper, results in low residual pulsation. The power train consists of an AC motor which is connected to the crankshaft by a v-belt drive and/or a reduction gear.

Electro-pneumatic or electro-hydraulic 3/2-way valves are available for the special application of filter cloth cleaning. When changing the washing device from one filter plate to the next, the 3/2-way valve is switched to bypass. This ensures that the wash water is only pumped back to the nozzles when the washing device starts spraying the next filter plate. The discontinuous flow generated therefore does not require the pump to be stopped and restarted.

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