Smart Pump Assistant

Easy install

The Smart Pump Assistant is installed in just a few steps. By retrofitting, the pump can be digitally mapped, monitored and optimized.

Depending on the choice of sensor concept, many relevant pump values can be recorded at any time. You can monitor the status of your pump on a computer or mobile device. The Smart Pump Assistant’s intelligent algorithms inform you and notify you immediately by e-mail and SMS if any anomalies occur or the permissible limits are exceeded.

Digital mapping allows processes to be optimized. The savings potential during optimization usually exceeds the installation effort many times over.

More than a monitoring system

Optimize pump process

The Smart Pump Assistant is more than a monitoring system. It provides you with important insights into the performance of your pump, the pump process and helps you to optimize the operation of your pump. This saves time and money.

The heart of the Smart Pump Assistant (SPA) consists of intelligent algorithms that combine the operation of your pump with ABEL’s know-how about typical wear. Our experience from several decades is put to use here. The intelligent system understands the status of your pump, and derives a recommendation for action based on your specific user profile. The SPA informs you entirely automatically about the occurrence of an anomaly with your pump. It shows you:

  • at which component of the pump the anomaly occurs
  • how high the efficiency loss of the pump is
  • recommendations/instructions on how to eliminate the anomaly

In addition, the SPA regularly calculates the optimal next maintenance time based on your individual usage profile. Thus, the SPA is your intelligent supporter to optimize the operation of your pump and save money.

Provable cost reduction and higher productivity

Reduce operating costs

The Smart Pump Assistant’s intelligent algorithms continuously monitor your pump and understand whether it is working efficiently and is in a stable condition. In addition, the SPA gives you targeted recommendations for action on the following topics:

  • Energy efficient operation
  • Maximizing the uptime of your pump
  • Reduction of service times
  • Choosing the optimal time for maintenance
  • Change of wear parts depending on actual wear

The Smart Pump Assistant thus reduces your total cost of ownership.

Further savings potential: The SelfService and TechService service packages are offered together with the Smart Pump Assistant. With these service packages, you benefit from lower hourly fees for the technician on site or you can carry out the maintenance by yourself under our guidance.

The future is digital

Benefit from progress

Not only in ABEL’s development, but for the entire pump market, the Smart Pump Assistant is a milestone: Easy handling with maximum customer benefit.

The Smart Pump Assistant is unique and far superior to the monitoring systems available on the market, as the data is not only recorded, but also evaluated and understood. Like a real assistant, the Smart Pump Assistant also issues the appropriate recommendation for action.

The world continues to change every day, which is why we are constantly working to optimize and expand our digital services. With the Smart Pump Assistant, you automatically benefit from our progress in the form of updates and enhancements.