Chemical Industry

Chemicals have to be pumped differently

The diverse characteristics of various chemical substances require a variety of techniques for conveyance. ABEL pumps are preferred by many users in the chemical industry because of their hermetically sealed design and the ability to use them with different materials and equipment, e.g. for pumping pyrogenic silicic acid in powder form (ABEL EM), or in the lacquer industry. Several hundred EM pumps are used throughout the world for the hermetically sealed transport of pigment suspensions. This highly reliable pump is also suited for gently conveying viscous and shear-sensitive fluids. Moreover, the EM is available with nil-flow control system, which allows to stop the pump under pressure. HM series pumps are better for higher pressures, and our HPT pumps are more suited for clean, noncritical media.

For example, sensitive fluids require a gentle, slow pump stroke with backflow protection. By contrast, pumping extremely corrosive substances requires ABEL pumps that are built rugged enough. We offer pumps on which the parts that come into contact with the media are made of plastic and high-quality stainless steel.
Depending on the substance to be pumped, our membranes are made from PTFE, fluoropolymer rubber, or EPDM. For toxic substances, the hermetically sealed design of all ABEL diaphragm pumps is practically indispensable. For applications involving combustible fluids, many of our pumps are available with ATEX certification.


  • Filter Press Feed
  • Transfer of Chemicals, Dyes, Dispersion Paints
  • Spray Dryer Feed
  • Powder Transfer
  • Bottling

ABEL Benefits

Individual Pump Configuration

Our pumps are tailored to the customers needs. We offer different accessories and material combinations for different applications and fluids.


Our pumps can pump at high pressures without a problem and are ideal for highly abrasive media. Their robust construction makes them perfect for 24/7 operation.

Safe Pump Operation

ABEL pumps can inherently run dry and in general they are slow-stroking during standard operation.

Smart Pump Assistant

Our monitoring tool allows you to monitor your pump’s operating data permanently. It helps to prevent unscheduled repairs service and can help to optimize the pumps performance.

Energy Efficient Pumps

Our pumps are money saving due to the lower energy consumption.

Comprehensive Service and Technical Support

From sales to commissioning and ongoing pump maintenance – we support our customers anytime and our technicians are trained for any pump problem.

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