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ABEL produces marine pumps for shipping companies as well as for the navy. The applications range from pumping sea water as bilge pumps to ballast pumps or trim pumps. Tailored to the unique demands of sea water, wetted parts can be made of resistant bronze or stainless steel. Moreover, the submarine pumps offer a shock proof design and cause low noise.

These marine pumps are a testament to exceptional quality and standards. We are ABEL to fulfill these high-quality marine standards since 1982.


  • Bilge Water Transfer
  • Dock-Spill-Removal

ABEL Benefits

Sturdy & Anti Magnetic Construction

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ABEL pumps fulfill marine specific needs.

Individual Pump Configuration

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Our pumps are tailored to the customer’s needs. We offer different accessories and material combinations for different applications and fluids.

Reliable & Safe Pump Operation

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Our pumps can pump at high pressures without a problem, are ideal for highly abrasive media and can inherently run dry. Their robust construction makes them perfect for 24/7 operation.

Smart Pump Assistant

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Our monitoring tool allows you to monitor your pump’s operating data permanently. It helps to prevent unscheduled repairs service and can help to optimize the pumps performance.

Energy Efficient Pumps

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Our pumps are money saving due to the lower energy consumption.

Comprehensive Service and Technical Support

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From sales to commissioning and ongoing pump maintenance – we support our customers anytime and our technicians are trained for any pump problem.

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