Quality in perfection

ABEL produces marine pumps for shipping companies as well as for the navy. The applications range from pumping sea water as bilge pumps to ballast pumps or trim pumps. Tailored to the unique demands of sea water, wetted parts can be made of resistant bronze or stainless steel. Moreover, the submarine pumps offer a shock proof design and cause low noise.

These marine pumps are a testament to exceptional quality and standards. We are ABEL to fulfill these high-quality marine standards since 1982.

Advantages of ABEL Pumps

  • Customized pump configuration for different applications

  • Energy efficiency of up to 90%

  • Support throughout the pump’s service life

  • Conveying media with a solids content of up to 75%

  • Smart Pump Assistant – THE tool for efficient pump operation

  • Reliable pump operation – even in 24/7 mode

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