ABEL HPT – Gland Seal Water Supply


Our customer is a leading company in the world market of phosphates and is involved in the whole production chain from extracting and washing different minerals to transforming them into finished products.

The transport of raw materials by means of pumping them from the mine to the different production units has been the main task. In 2014 our customer began the long distance transport (with a total of 300 km of pipelines) of phosphate slurry and its subsequent distribution to different production units. In this ambitious project our customer used ABEL’s reliable and proven technology of pumping equipment from our family of triplex plunger HPT series pumps.

The application

The slurry pumped from the mine is stored in various high-volume tanks for subsequent distribution to the 10 independent production units. In order to ensure non-stop pumping, our customer had 10 pumping lines and another 5 in reserve. Each series is made up of one, two or three centrifugal pumps depending on the pumping characteristics (flow, pressure) required on each line. In order to ensure the mechanical sealing of the centrifugal pumps a precise amount of water is needed in each pump to clean and cool the seal.

Another important aspect of this application to be taken into account is the fact that each triplex HPT ABEL plunger pump will supply the flow needed to carry out the correct sealing for up to a maximum of 6 centrifugal pumps at the same time. All these variables have made our customer opt for the robustness of the ABEL model HPT positive displacement pump, which apart from being highly reliable offers great precision in the water flow supplied to the pump at every moment. Each HPT pump is capable of adjusting to a range of highly different flows by modifying the speed of the motor and therefore the pump strokes via a frequency converter (VFD).

The pump

In total, 14 ABEL model HPT pumps were supplied for this project; 7 for operation and 7 on standby to ensure mechanical sealing of the whole inventory of centrifugal pumps for distributing the phosphate slurry to all the production units. With the objective of standardizing the process as much as possible, a sole pump was chosen with small differences in its settings. The equipment chosen is the HPT-K-32 model which allows for a maximum flow of 30 m3/h and a maximum pressure of 30 bars. Apart from simplifying operations, a sole pump reduces the stock of spare parts needed.

Following ABEL’s manufacturing philosophy of seeking maximum equipment reliability, the robust HPT pump head is constructed of forged steel. The pump has all the following safety features: Safety valve, complete protection for drive belt, reducer oil level control, piston leaks detector, no-load detector, …always ensuring the equipment is in perfect working order.

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