Become a Vendor

We build the best pumps by leveraging the quality that goes into our pumps

ABEL delivers high-quality products and is also interested in suppliers who demand the same level of quality. The goal of the ABEL purchasing process is to obtain components from suppliers that already reflect our technological edge and the established ABEL product quality. The result is a quality chain that, accompanied by support and service, continues through to our customers. In order for us to provide such product quality in this competitive world market, we look for suppliers with whom we can work as a team to develop a joint cost-reduction program.

The prime objective of such a cost-reduction program is to improve efficiency throughout the entire process. We explicitly encourage our suppliers to take part in this program and dedicate themselves to the process. Specialized ABEL purchasers work with our suppliers in joint workshops in order to further optimize the entire manufacturing process – without sacrificing quality. ABEL professionals from design, quality assurance and logistics help out with this process.

There is a constant demand for the following parts


• Stainless steel
• Gray cast iron and nodular cast
• Non-ferrous metals
• Cast aluminum

Drive elements

• Anti-friction bearings
• V-belt pulleys
• V-belts
• Couplings
• Intermediate gear boxes

Electrical items

• Motors
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Sensors


• Safety valves
• Ball valves


• Flat gaskets
• O-rings
• Sealing sets
• Lip seals
• Mechanical seals


• Round
• Flat