EM Electric Diaphragm Pumps

Its energy efficiency provides a rapid recovery of the investment

The ABEL EM series is available in four different material designs: nodular cast iron (SG), stainless steel (ED), aluminum (AL, upon request) or polypropylene (PP). Using suitable, durable materials for diaphragms, valve seats and balls will give you the best possible combination of materials for your application.

This robust pump technology is especially advantageous for many applications that require low pressure. The ABEL EM is a mechanically driven diaphragm pump that is highly energy efficient, because the drive does not require expensive compressed air. Its compact, special design does not require hydraulic fluid and it can be suitably equipped to provide the performance required by each specific application. The ABEL Electric Diaphragm Pump’s unique design concept and impressively low energy consumption have helped solidify ABEL’s worldwide reputation as the leader in diaphragm pump design.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Flow: 60 m³/h (265 GPM)
  • Max. Pressure: 0.6 MPa (90 psi), for filter press feed up to 0.8 MPa (115 psi)
  • ATEX design available


  • Nodular cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Polypropylene


  • Mine Dewatering
  • Thickener Underflow
  • Sludge/Fluid Transfer
  • Filter Press Feed
  • Rotary Kiln Feed

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