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The HP series offers an additional triplex plunger pump for high pressure cleaning. This series has proven its worth many times over, especially when used to clean filter cloths for chamber and membrane filter presses. With accessories that are designed to meet the specific needs of cleaning applications, such as the ABEL directional control valve, this series lives up to expectations. The ABEL Series HP pumps can be used in the oil and gas industries, and for feeding combinator in the food industry.
Especially in process technology, ABEL HPT high pressure plunger pumps show a technological edge when used rigorously over a longer period of time. And that applies for quite varied media, such as salt water and salt solutions, acids, margarine, chemicals, and even lightly contaminated fluids.

Designed to meet the requirements of the media being pumped, various materials are used, such as high-quality stainless steel. Different types of valves are also used, such as cone, spherical cone, and ball valves. The plunger seal, which is adapted to meet the requirements of the application and pumping media, is made using V-rings or stuffing boxes; of course, they are also available in flushed or lubricated versions.

Built in mobile turnkey containers, HPT series pumps can be used in a number of applications, especially when you require a high degree of mobility because you need to keep changing locations.

Technical Specifications


  • Max. Flow: 28 m³/h (123 GPM)
  • Max. Pressure: 16.0 MPa (2300 psi)
  • ATEX design available


  • Max. Flow: 50 m³/h (220 GPM)
  • Max. Pressure: 25.0 MPa (3625 psi)
  • ATEX design available


  • Nodular cast iron
  • Stainless steel


  • Filter Cloth Washing
  • Gland Seal Water
  • Transfer

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    Filter Cloth Washing

    Chamber or membrane filter presses are still frequently the best possibility for dewatering slurries and suspensions.They are used in almost all industrial sectors, especially where highly abrasive sludges have to be disposed of. Chamber and membrane filter presses consist of several filter plates covered with cloth. Depending on the slurry and the filter cloth being used, the cloths have to be cleaned at regular intervals to sustain the dewatering capability of the press.

    The ABEL Solution: High Pressure Pumps

    ABEL has been offering high-pressure plunger pumps for cleaning filter cloth from chamber and membrane filter presses for decades. The pumps are primarily triplex pumps whose plungers run with a 120° crank offset which, together with a pre-charged membrane type pulsation damper, results in low residual pulsation. 3/2-way valves are used for the special application of filter cloth cleaning. When changing the washing system from one filter plate to another, the 3/2-way valve is changed over to bypass. This ensures that the washing water is not pumped back to the nozzles until the washing system spray reaches the next filter plate. A manually operated control valve is also used for fine adjustment of the required nozzle pressure.