Thickened Tailings Transfer

This reference is a Latin American mining company specialized in the production of gold, silver and copper.

Tailings transfer over long distance

Our customer planned the transfer of tailings to a new reservoir 2 km away.

To ensure high process efficiency, it was necessary to provide the production process with a pump technology capable of transporting the thickened tailings with the highest possible solid content.  Furthermore, the installed equipment is required to guarantee maximum operating availability, as any unexpected downtime or interruption would be costly.

Installation of a HMQ piston diaphragm pump

As a solution to this task, ABEL proposed the installation of an HMQ piston diaphragm pump. Since the main objective was to ensure maximum availability of the system as well as provide the lowest possible consumption of resources, ABEL HMQ was chosen over the alternative proposal of several centrifugal pumps.

The recommended HMQ pump handles a flow rate of 150 m³/h with 70% solid content and ensures a discharge pressure of 22 bar.

These pumping parameters are achieved with a power consumption of less than 100 kW and in accordance with the customers efficiency requirements.

The ABEL pump has been installed and commissioned in August 2015 and have been in continuously operation since.

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