New HMQ-M-80-2000

Higher overall Efficiency for Mining Applications

The new HMQ-M-80-2000 model is part of the HMQ series and is real all-rounder for mining applications.

Membrane Filter Press Feed

The new HMQ can supply high flow rates to fill membrane filter presses quickly. Due to minimal wearing parts and its design, which favors low wear, the HMQ can keep production efficiency constant over long terms. Compared with centrifugal pumps, ABEL HMQs have a higher overall efficiency because HMQs flow rate is independent of back pressure.

Thickener Underflow

Because of the thickening many pumps fail conveying the product, because viscosity is challenging the pump – but not ABEL HMQ and unlike centrifugal pumps, the HMQ does not require any seal water, which lowers operating costs.


The new HMQ is an alternative to avoid sedimentation and therefore increasing pressure losses at pipeline in a gravitational process. HMQ pushes the paste to the end of the stope and its pre-formed diaphragm operates at a low speed and thus achieves a long service life.

Tailings Transfer

In tailings transfer HMQ ensure maximum operating availability and low wear at the same time. Design and materials are adapted to the characteristics of tailings like high solid content, sedimentation and abrasiveness.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow: max. 250 m³/h (1100 GPM)
  • Pressure: max. 8 bar (116 psi)
  • Optional: Smart Pump Assistant


  • Nodular cast iron
  • Stainless steel


  • Filter Press Feed
  • Thickener Underflow
  • Backfilling
  • Tailings Transfer

Benefits HMQ-M-80-2000

High Efficiency

Due to its design, the efficiency is over 90%. Moreover, the power consumption is low and flow rate is independent of back pressure.

Flexible regarding pumped medium

HMQs can pump conventional and thickened slurries, as well as pasty products. The solid content can be up to 75 %.


HMQ prove their reliability in mining applications worldwide and are ideally suited for 24/7 operation.

Ability to run dry

The HMQ can run dry over long terms. This means no seal water is required.

Low wear

Its design reduces the number of wear parts. Generally, diaphragms and valves require regular maintenance.

Smart Pump Assistant

You have access to all relevant operating data of your pump – always and everywhere. Based on this data, irregularities can be detected at an early stage and recommendations for maintenance cycles can be derived.

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