ABELs 75th Anniversary

ABEL was founded in November 1947. So this year we celebrate our 75th anniversary.

75 years of ABEL pump technology – this stands for reliable, durable and energy-efficient pump technology for a wide range of industries, such as mining, wastewater, chemical industry, ceramic industry and many more. We are proud of our durable, reliable pumps and look forward to the years to come.

Back in the day, ABEL pumps were developed for the mining industry before other series and markets came along. Today, ABEL is still closely associated with the mining industry and partners with mines around the world. ABEL pumps perform their service for example in mine dewatering, backfilling as well as in the transport of tailings. In recent years, many customers have optimized their ABEL pumps by the use of the ABEL SPA monitoring system (Smart Pump Assistant).