Our Winter Donations 2022

This year, ABEL helps regional projects and support them with a donation as part of its winter donation campaign.

Büchen-Siebeneichen sports club

This time, the local soccer club “Büchen-Siebeneichen sports club” can look forward to a donation. From the amount donated, a complete set of jerseys (consisting of jersey, sports shorts, socks and bag) will be sponsored for the youth soccer team.

Team sports are very important in the development of children and young people, as in addition to practicing sports activities, social skills such as team spirit, respect, tolerance and fairness are strengthened. A local dealer received the order for printing the jerseys, which he gratefully accepted.

ABEL is very pleased to be able to make the children of the local soccer club happy with the new players’ kit and wishes them a lot of fun and success in the next soccer season.

Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Büchen

The second organization to be supported with an ABEL donation is the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) in Büchen. NABU is committed to preserving the habitats of native flora and fauna and thus makes an important and, above all, sustainable contribution to environmental protection.

For many years, NABU has also been supported by the work of student volunteers. The students actively help with various NABU projects, such as work assignments in the nature reserves around Büchen as well as educational work with children at the local schools on the topic of environmental protection and nature conservation.

Since ABEL is increasingly aligned and managed according to the ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) concept, it is a special pleasure for ABEL to support the important work of NABU Büchen with a donation.