Mining Pumps made in Germany

Since the origins of our company, ABEL has continuously worked to offer a suitable and complete range of pumps in the mining sector. This is why, mining companies worldwide rely on ABEL as their main supplier for fulfilling their needs in the transfer of abrasive media. End users have identified ABEL strengths on important mining applications such as dewatering, tailings management and backfilling, which demonstrates the capacity to give successful solutions which cover the most challenging situations. 

ABEL has suitable pumps for any type of mining operation, ranging from the extraction of water containing solids from the bottom of the mine to the transfer at very high pressures of viscous and abrasive media used for mine backfilling. The acid slurry of minerals used in the refining processes in nickel, copper or gold mines represent an additional challenge. For these cases, ABEL has designed pumps whose components which come into contact with the pumped product are made of materials such as polypropylene, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel or are provided with an acid-resistant and wear-resistant internal coating made of hard rubber. 

On every continent there are open-cast mines. Minerals are extracted and treated under very different climatic conditions. The mine pumps are operated outside in extreme heat, cold, humidity, dirt etc. Despite these conditions, they must stay operational and in perfect condition every day, 24 hours. Our job is to design and build pumps for challenging applications able to withstand such extreme conditions. 

Especially in the last years, ABEL has received many orders for pumps in mining applications, which represents an advance in the reliability of our pumps, since ABEL is constantly working on improving its pumps, as well as constantly growing at a professional level.