New Version of Smart Pump Assistant

New, innovative and helpful – Smart Pump Assistant 2.0

We hereby announce the new version of the ABEL Smart Pump Assistant (SPA). The SPA 2.0 is a software upgrade to the SPA 1.0.

Up to now, it was possible to record pump data such as pressure, flow, temperature and strokes by using various sensors and use this data to display service requirements and alarm messages to the user when parameters are exceeded.

With the SPA 2.0, we now offer more comprehensive and intelligent services. The focus is on automatic detection of efficiency losses. This helps pump operators to maximize pump efficiency and maintain it at a high level.

The SPA provides fully automated information on the occurrence of anomalies – it indicates which pump side is affected and also how high the efficiency loss is. If necessary, ABEL experts can analyze the pump data and provide an individual recommendation.

The smart assistant consequently enables our customers to increase productivity, reduce service times and operating costs.

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