Christmas News

Due to Corona 2020 has been a challenging year. However, it has also shown how important trust and confidence are in our everyday lives. Therefore we have decided to support regional projects with a donation.

School Center Büchen

Together with the school center we have carried out 2 projects. On the one hand, we are covering the costs of needed outdoor bean bags. The new ones may be used outside when the weather permits.

On the other hand, in a joint fundraising effort with the school, we are helping retirement homes in Büchen. The children made lovely gifts and tree decorations, which now adorn the Christmas tree in the retirement home which was also donated. Another pleasure was given to the residents with coffee and cake.

Voluntary fire department

In addition, we support the Volunteer Fire Department in Büchen. In particular, we support the youth fire department, because they urgently need tablets for the trainings. Due to the pandemic, the training can no longer take place on site.  It is aimed to carry the training out online so that the youth fire department can continue learning. ABEL’s donation will help finance the tablets.

We wish a joyful Christmas season.